ultiTech Solution is a group of Young, Enthusiastic I.T. Professionals and dedicated to developing Innovative, Cost-effective and High Value-added I.T. Solutions. The company started to working in 2005.

We are at MultiTech Solution Conceptualize, Design, Develop and Deliver projects to the Customer. MulTitech Solution provides software development services in Co-Operative Sectors, Private Corporate Companies, Drip Irrigation Companies, and Diamond Industries.

We are at in the field of Co-Operative sector from last 10 years. And we provides our software services in PACS, Credit Societies etc., and our software “MUNIMJI” is used in more than 1200 PACS of different District in Gujarat.

MutiTech Solution Achieves customer support in a very short period by providing a Quality and Cost-effective solutions to the Customers.
Our Mission is to demonstrate Commitment and Dedication to our customers in partnering with and supporting them in Achieving Maintenance Excellence. We provide only the best programs and services. We exercise Integrity and Fairness in all we do.

The company’s business objectives are strategically structured towards providing delivery of services for and to increase productivity, improve the business standards and consequently, trusted partnership with its clients. In-order to serve the best solutions to our clients, we constantly upgrade us to most appropriate technology available in the market.

The motto of MultiTech Solution is to provide our clients with the best of solutions in the least turnaround time and we hope to continue and succeed in our Endeavour.